As Blood Runs Black at Hawaiian Brians


There have been a lot of big names in heavy metal showing up on our shores these days. Many I’ve never heard of and probably would have missed if I didn’t catch a glimpse of their logo on a flyer taped to a window while waiting for my chicken katsu at L&L. Yet they always surprise me, that is if I remember to write the date on my calendar when I wake from the inevitable food coma. Continue reading

Once-a-Month Punk


03.2.13 For the last couple of years there has been a small punk rock uprising at the Waikiki Sandbox every third Saturday of the month. It’s too easy for this one to pass under the radar if you’re not friends with um’ on Facebook. If you’re looking to truly experience local punk & hardcore at it’s finest from seasoned musicians who have been tearing the island a new one for years, look no further.

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The Melvins Lite: 51 Shows in 51 Days


10.25.12 Yes, this actually happened. These photos have been sitting alone gathering dust in my computer for way too long. A stripped down version of The Melvins, dubbed “The Melvins Lite” ended their record breaking 51 Shows in 51 Days Tour here at The Manifest on Oahu. I’ve never witnessed an entire venue frozen as if they were staring at the face of god before.

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Times of Grace @ Tropics Cafe

03.08.12 I must admit I was a bit skeptical how Times of Grace and their entire audience would fit in a lil’ place like Tropics Cafe. The band is made of founding members of Killswitch Engage, and if you were one of the sardines packed up against the stage during their set at Pipeline Cafe a few years back like I was, you would be too.
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Joe Galisa’s Rock Memorial @ Hawaiian Brian’s

Joe Memorial

05.22.11 I’ve never had the honor of meeting Joe Galisa but I’ve seen him play countless times over the years in Big Dawg & Slug. (I also just learned he played with the legendary band Hawaii with Marty Friedman) Seeing the outpour of compassion as Joe Galisa’s friends gathered to celebrate his life & times in the local hard rock scene was something to behold. Continue reading